Paper published in ‘Neuroimage’ let´s you download hypothalamus imaging data and participate in segmentation competition

CEPID BRAINN - Hypothalamus Segmentation Challenge
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Links for the datasets and the competition instructions, based on the paper “A benchmark for hypothalamus segmentation on T1-weighted MR images”.


From Professor Leticia Rittner´s LinkedIn page:

Are you interested in studying hypothalamic changes through MRI? Or even developing AI-based methods for automated hypothalamus segmentation? So you should not miss our paper recently published in Neuroimage.

The paper “A benchmark for hypothalamus segmentation on T1-weighted MR images” makes available not only the CNN model developed, but also all images used, composed by more than 1300 subjects from 4 different public datasets. The dataset comes with automatically generated masks for all images (silver standard) and manual masks generated by experts for a subset (gold standard).

You can download the data from the competition page and submit your results on the test set to participate in the leaderboard. Details of the code can be found in our github.


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