Success Stories – Epilepsy under Scrutiny

November 9th, 2015     Text by WebContent One of the main lines of research among BRAINN’s diverse studies is trying to better understand and treat epilepsy. This neurological condition affects about 1% of the world population – in Brazil, Ministry of Health´s data for 2013 indicates that there were 228 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. […]

Success Stories: ABCérebro TV

June 18th, 2015     Text by WebContent Created in 2014, ABCérebro TV is one BRAINN’s main educational projects. For those who are not yet familiar with it, ABCérebro TV began as an initiative to popularize neuroscience through a series of internet videos. It was created within CInAPCe, a project that aims to develop neuroscience research […]

Li Li Min

LI LI MIN Laboratory of Neuroimaging / Unicamp Research: Lean Healthcare. Brain plasticity under the influence of different stimuli. Science Communication.  

BRAINN – A Research Center Focused on Our Mind

There is an old scientific saying that ‘nothing in the universe is as complex as the human brain’ – that is, nothing besides the universe itself! With 100 billion neurons forming endless connections with each other, the brain is able to quickly process the huge amount of information that floods, every second, our sense organs. […]