BRAINN Report – 2019/2020 – Special Campaigns Pages

World Alzheimer’s Day

To celebrate World Alzheimer’s Awareness Day, we created a special landing page, with information about the disease, many links to reports on scientific advances, guides and videos.

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Purple Day (March 26th, 2019)

Purple Day is an international effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. To mark Purple Day and raise awareness about epilepsy, we produced several videos and a special webpage.

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Parkinson’s Disease Campaign

CEPID BRAINN published a special article by Dr. Rachel Paes Guimarães, Physiotherapist and postdoctoral fellow at the Neuroimaging Laboratory at CEPID, about Parkinson’s, explaining symptoms, treatments, the importance of physical activities and what is the relationship with COVID-19.

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Multiple Sclerosis Campaign

BRAINN has research groups that work in studies on multiple sclerosis, seeking to understand the origins and progression of the disease.

At the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), the main lines of research are led by the team of dr. Alfredo Damasceno, who coordinates studies involving neuroimaging, cognition, biomarkers and immunology of multiple sclerosis. Recently, researchers have evaluated clinical and MRI markers associated with worse disease progression, potentially helping doctors determine the best treatments for these patients.

To celebrate World MS Awareness Day, we created a special landing page, according to the concepts laid this year by the International MS Federation. The page has educational videos, resources and a lot of information about the disease, both for people affected by it and for caretakers.

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National and Latin American Epilepsy Awareness Day

We created a special campaign and landing page to celebrate the date. Four videos about the disease were produced, and other educational resources (like guidelines and in-depth posts) were released.

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World Stroke Awareness Day

To celebrate the date, a campaign was created with six videos explaining forms of treatment, how to prevent the disease and how to recognize its signs.

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Campaign “Pact for Life” (Virtual March for Science)

Researchers Li Li Min, Wu Shin-Ting, Lília Li and Rickson Mesquita, all of them from CEPID BRAINN, share with the general public their research lines and their cutting-edge science development works at Unicamp.

The video is part of the “Pacto pela Vida” (Virtual March for Science) campaign, of SBPC – Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (